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  Products: Autoquip Standard In-Plant Products

Autoquip Lifting Solutions

Series 35 Scissor Lifts
Autoquip Series 35 Scissor LiftsSeries 35 scissor lift table is the most versatile and popular family of lifts. This family of hydraulic lifts can be used in a wide variety of applications - such as pallet build-up and tear-down, part assembly and disassembly and conveyor systems - to improve worker ergonomics or enhance plant efficiencies. The Series 35 lift table reduces worker fatigue and reduces the risk of back injuries. Series 35 hydraulic lifts offer a high quality, low cost lifting solution.

Series 35 Lift & Turn
Series 35 Lift & TurnS35 Manual Turntables are designed to provide workers with the ability to rotate their work to them for applications such as pallet build-up and teardown, light assembly, and welding or painting. The heavy-duty design of these manual industrial turntables has been developed to withstand the demands and abuses of an industrial environment, yet is exceptionally easy to turn. When used with an Autoquip scissor lift table, these industrial turntables further enhance both ergonomic and labor savings benefits by reducing reaching, bending, walking, and twisting associated with palletizing and other repetitive operations.

 Series 35 Lift & Tilt
Series 35 hydraulic tilters bring parts and hard-to-reach objects where they are needed, within easy reach of the worker in applications such as small parts handling (in bins and baskets), assembly or disassembly of large components, and stacking or de-stacking operations. A Series 35 hydraulic tilter reduces worker fatigue and reduces the risk of back injuries by eliminating the need to reach and bend over in repetitive operating environments. Series 35 hydraulic tilters offer a high quality, low cost, repeatable tilting and positioning solution along with ergonomic benefits.

AutoTilt Work Positioner Autoquip portable tilters are the ideal solution for loading and unloading bins and baskets at a workstation. These hydraulic tilters are normally 12VDC battery operated and require no connection to a power source. Tilters place small parts and other items within reach which allows a worker easy access to the product without reaching or bending, eliminates the risk of back injuries and makes the workplace safer and more productive.

 Air Force Lifts
Air Force Lifts The AFB family of air actuated scissors lift tables provide a safe and clean way to utilize the stability of scissors lift tables, without the need for hydraulics. These air powered scissors lifts are equipped with an air bag actuator and come standard with fork pockets to allow portability and ease of installation. This family of air bag lifts travel up to 24” and can be customized with turntables or pneumatic tilters to accommodate most pallet handling or assembly work stations and provide tremendous ergonomic assistance.

 Air Force Lift & Tilt
Air Force Lift & Tilt The Autoquip Air Force Lift and Tilt is a completely air powered unit which brings parts and hard-to-reach objects to within easy grasp of the operator in a wide variety of industrial tilting applications – without the expense and potential oil spills associated with hydraulic systems. These integrated models, when used in combination, enhance both ergonomic and labor saving benefits by reducing reaching and bending associated with the use of bins and baskets usually employed in assembly operations. Autoquip tilters reduce the need to reach and bend which are the leading causes of back injuries in repetitive operating environments.

 Series 35 Double High Lifts
Series 25 Double High Lifts The Double High scissors lift tables were developed to provide added vertical travel while minimizing footprint and platform sizes. Double High hydraulic lifts are two Series 35 lift tables which have been welded on top of each other with a shared hydraulic system. These hydraulic scissors lifts provide a straightforward and economical solution to lifting applications, which require vertical travels up to 96” and load capacities up to 7,000 pounds.

 Super Titan
Super Titan The Super Titan scissor lift family of hydraulic scissor lifts is designed for those applications that require the highest lifting capacity and/or highest side and end load capacities. With capacities from 6,000 lbs. to 68,000 lbs. and travel from 24” to 120”, this family is the heavy weight of hydraulic scissors lifts. Typical industrial applications include handling heavy eccentric loads such as steel coils, paper rolls, sheet metal stampings, and dies. The large axle or edge loading capacities allow movement of heavy loads with the stability otherwise impossible with “beefed-up” smaller lift tables.

 90° Tilters
90° TiltersAutoquip 90° Rotators are heavy industrial hydraulic tilters that are specially designed to rotate uniform loads through 90° travel at a controlled rate of speed. These hydraulic rotators reposition or re-orientate a wide variety of loads such as coils, dies, engines, and other heavy loads where the center of gravity is centered on the load throughout rotation. With this type of load, Autoquip hydraulic rotators can rotate the load within its own footprint, approximately half the footprint of its cousin – the 90° hydraulic Upender. Hydraulic rotators utilize single acting hydraulic cylinders with specially designed mechanical linkages and interflow hydraulic piping to accomplish this unique tilting feature.

 Spiral Lifts
Spiral LiftsSpiral scissor lifts offer a dependable and unique mechanical lifting solution to raising a load to any elevation from beneath with a continuous, stacked spiral column of interlocked horizontal rings and vertical bands. This proprietary spiral design provides a high degree of precision and repeatability, and can be used in single or multiple columns depending on the load capacity. The Spiralift mechanism is located inside the base at the clevis end of the scissors lift, is driven through a gear reducer and powered by an electric brake motor, and is stabilized with the scissors leg assembly. Desired elevations can be preset with the use of a resolver or encoder through a PLC programmable controller and accurately repeated with each lift cycle.

 Carousel Lifts
Carousel LiftsAutoquip Work Platform Lifts can be hydraulically, pneumatically, or mechanically powered to provide an adjustable working surface for personnel performing maintenance, assembly, painting, order picking or other functions that demand multiple elevations for ergonomic or productivity reasons. Work platform scissors lifts are usually low capacity, large platform lifts with a variety of non-skid deck configurations up to 40’ long. Autoquip work platform lifts come standard with 48” high guard rails that meet OSHA requirements, and are available with special personnel gates, on board electrical outlets and operator controls. Each scissor Work Platform lift is designed and manufactured to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1.

 Platform Ram Lifts
Platform Ram LiftsAutoquip Dual Ram Lifts can efficiently raise loads to 200,000 pounds and have platforms to 16’ by 40’ with high axle loading over the sides, and travels to 28’. The Dual Vertical Rams are equalized by cables and sheaves, rack and pinion, or structurally equalized. The Dual Vertical Ram Lifts require a pit and usually become permanent installations. Autoquip manufactures the steel ram plunger to a mirror-finish, with each bearing being fitted individually to the ram, providing a wear-proof and close precision tolerance, along with the exclusive fluid prison seal which keeps the ram oil tight at zero or maximum working pressures. Typical applications of Dual Ram Lifts would be in machining and manufacturing plants, handling of multiple air cargo containers, utility storage facilities, entertainment and stage lift, and lifting rail cars or aircraft for servicing.

 Mechanical Ball Screw Lifts
Mechanical Ball Screw LiftsHBS Horizontal Ball Screw scissor lift tables offer a dependable solution for raising a load to any elevation with a high degree of repeatability. The horizontal ball screw is mounted to the center axle of the scissors lift and driven by a gear motor. The ball screw lead pushes or pulls a heavy duty, wheeled “truck” which runs on specially designed cam profiles attached to the legs which in force open or close the scissors leg set and raise or lower the lift. The horizontal ball screw lift is one of the faster and lower profile mechanical lifts, but is limited in capacity and platform size due to having room for fewer inner leg structural members.

 Mechanical Chain Lifts
Mechanical Chain LiftsSerapid stacking chain scissor lifts offer a dependable and stable mechanical lifting solution by lifting the load from beneath with a column of heavy duty, interlocked chain. This proprietary chain design is a simple, easily maintained, and robust solution to raising and holding loads – and can be used in single or multiple columns depending on the load capacity. The Serapid stacking chain mechanism is housed inside the base at the clevis end of the scissors lift and is driven by a gear motor with brake, and is stabilized with the scissors leg assembly. As with other mechanical lifts, the desired elevations can be preset with the use of a resolver or encoder with a PLC controller.