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Hytrol Conveyor

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  Conveyor Spotlight: ZipLogix Standard Control Package Printable PDF
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Hytrol ControlsZipLogix is a standard control package designed for 2 to1, 3 to 1, and 4 to 1 combiners. ZipLogix will set a nominal gap independent from product length. ZipLogix allows you to quickly and easily customize the controls reaction to your product. ZipLogix is a proven control package that provides a consistent quality of performance from location to location around the world.


  • No Cost for PLC – Zippering Code is Internal to the VFD’s
  • Minimal Setup Time – Quicker Startups
  • Zippers Products to Maximize System Throughputs
  • Configurable to Meet Specific Product Requirements
  • Easy to Use Touchscreen Interface
  • Diagnostic Error Messages for Ease of Troubleshooting
  • I/O Indicator Screens Aid in Troubleshooting
  • Parameter Adjustment is Protected by Password
  • Hardwired Interlock Signals for Flexible Integration Into Any System
  • Lane Priority Selections

ZipLogix provides stand-alone complete control for 2, 3, or 4 to 1 combiners for flexible integration into any conveyor system. The ZipLogix control package does not require a PLC, since the logic used for zippering product is written within the individual VFD’s. ZipLogix provides the ability to customize the controls to a specific combiner and be up and running in a short period of time. ZipLogix comes with default settings, but they may be customized to properly control the range of product. After product has crossed the fixed speed ratio in order to create a gap between products, ZipLogix monitors a box as it leaves the exit photo eye on an induction lane, waits for the required gap to be present and releases the next available box on the other induction lanes. This operation will continue between all available lanes in a round robin fashion, as long as product is present. ZipLogix will also accept a “Priority” signal from a system for any induction lane, and release a user configured number of boxes from that lane before releasing from the remaining lanes. ZipLogix may be used for feeding sortation equipment, labelers, and other applications where gap setting is required.

ZipLogix optimizes the performance of a system by zippering products from multiple lanes into one and setting a nominal gap, thus eliminating the presence of large gaps between slugs of product as in a “wave” type of release. This allows system throughput requirements to be achieved at lower conveyor speeds. ZipLogix also improves logistical issues due to limited floor space. ZipLogix provides flexibility of the application, ease of troubleshooting, accurate control, and is fully supported by Hytrol.

ZipLogix provides a User-friendly touchscreen for ease of setup. The Hytrol combiner solution can be up and running in a minimal amount of time by performing a few calculations, and entering the values via the touchscreen. I/O indicator screens will aid in troubleshooting by displaying the sates of the input and output signal of the system.

Hytrol Controls Touchscreen Hytrol Controls Touchscreen
Hytrol Controls Touchscreen Hytrol Controls Touchscreen

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